La Balduc, a hugely popular French-Cndn artist from the 30s - hear one of her hits here: I’d love to see a series of articles about Canadian women who were active in the music industry/community but who have been lost to history.  Most people can name a few American women who were influential in the early 20th century; finding the same from other countries is also fairly easy.  But in Canada, we’ve traditionally been pretty bad about remembering our own history, and particularly forgetful if that history involved women or people of colour.

There is information out there – in wikipedia articles and books and albums – but I’d like to see it featured here.  I’d like us to remember our history, the women who came before us, and to be inspired by them in the future.

Do you have an interest and want to write an article – short or long – about a Canadian woman in music who hasn’t gotten her due? Or who’s no longer with us, but is an inspiration? Comment below!

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