Photo by all know women who are kicking ass and taking names – whether they’re toiling in the grant mines, laying it down as a session player, teaching, mixing, promoting, you name it, chances are they aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve.

There’s a myth that women don’t get on well with each other, a myth created (in my opinion) by the patriarchy to keep us from banding together and challenging their authority.  I haven’t found that it’s generally true, and I want to smash it here.

Write about someone who’s helped you.  Write about someone who’s been a positive influence on your community or scene.  Write about someone you admire.  Tell us about how awesome she is and about the awesome stuff she’s doing.  Because we all know about the bad shit, but it’s hard to remember that there’s lots of good work happening, too.

Got a story to tell about an awesome woman in music? Let us know in the comments!

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