MarieLynnHammond photo by Kate Morgan ImagesYou may have noticed that there aren’t any images on this site; in part, that’s because if you image search ‘women in music,’ you get a lot of sexy photos and images, some famous American singers, and not much else.  Another part of that is that really, it would be best if featured some photos of actual Canadian women, but we don’t want to just steal them from your websites.

Would you let us use your photo on our website? We’re looking for a diverse range of women – different parts of the country, different body types, different ethnicities, different ages, different parts of the industry (not just performers!) – so please don’t be shy! They also don’t have to be professional studio shots, or anything like that – there are plenty of fabulous amateur photographers out there.

If you support what we’re doing and don’t mind having your face near it, please leave a comment below – and if you can, include a link to a good-quality photo or gallery.

We absolutely promise that this is only for this website, and we’ll talk to you if we want to use it somewhere else.

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9 Responses to Project: Let us use your photos

  1. Colleen McCarthy says:

    I can e-mail you a good photo if you like. I don’t have many on the web at the moment.

  2. Please help yourself to the photos at the bottom of my Press Kit page:

  3. Hi Candace,
    I’ll email you a photo (I see your email above).
    All my best, Katherine

  4. Rani says:

    happy to support. you can use anything found here…

    Also some performance photos can be found at


  5. Laura Koch says:

    This is an old post, but are you still looking for photos? I’ve got plenty.

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