Photo by http://www.CandaceShaw.caThere are several parts to this project which may be broken out at a later time.

1. In an effort to make the annual Folk Music Ontario conference more accessible to parents, we’d like to work with their team to find ways to offer childcare and/or a spousal rate at future conferences.

Proposals for how to make this work involve lobbying the Board of Directors, outlining the importance of offering this service, doing some fund raising to support the effort, and publicizing it so that it’s certain that parents know about it and take advantage of it.

2. Consult with festivals or conference that do offer childcare, and understand their planning process and reasons for doing so.

3. Establish a set of best practices and arguments in favourĀ of offering childcare in order to approach other conferences, festivals, and events with ways to incorporate child care for performers and other music professionals.

4. Create a database of babysitters/day care providers in regions across Canada for parents on the road.

Are you interested in working on this project, have idea or resources, or any other feedback? Please comment below!


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6 Responses to Project: Childcare

  1. This man/father in music is very interested in this project!

    I am also a man/father in technology and web development, in case that helps with idea #4 (database) — though I think there would be a lot of non-technology work involved around vetting anyone for such a database, and it might be better to piggyback and existing services that aren’t so narrowly targeted yet would still be applicable to touring parents…

    • Candace says:

      I agree re: the Database idea – if there’s a usable existing service, that would be amazing. I’ll try to ask around and see if I can dig up something that we could bend to this purpose.

      And we’re glad to have you here – I think the work we’re doing benefits everyone.

  2. This came up at the parents’ session too. One thing worth noting is that a number of us said we’d volunteer in shifts to staff a kids’ room.

  3. Meghan Sheffield says:

    I’m very interested in both aspects of this project, and am happy to help with any and all of the above (including finding out from folks at the parenting workshop what exactly was said about a co-op childcare situation).

    • Candace says:

      That would be awesome, Meghan – do you know Nancy Dutra? maybe the two of you could take the lead? I know Eve Goldberg was also very interested.

  4. Eve Goldberg says:

    Yes, I’m interested in helping if I can — I don’t have tons of time but I would like to be supportive of this however I can. And let me say again, THANK YOU to Candace for initiating this conversation and keeping it going.

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