From a pretty good article on Jezebel:

“On Sunday, January 17, Amber Coffman, a member of the band Dirty Projectors, was having breakfast with two girlfriends at a bar in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. They spent part of the time venting about their experiences with harassment from men, a conversation that picked up the following night at Coffman’s house between a larger group of women. “I was talking about how when it happens to other women I can be so fierce and stick up for them,” Coffman later told Jezebel. “But when it happened to me, I was paralyzed.”

“Usually when a guy acts like that, you don’t think that you’re the first. At the time that I told the story, a friend told me that she knew many, many people who this had happened to,” says Coffman. “I didn’t think to go public with it. I realize now that I was afraid of looking vindictive or harsh or causing too much trouble.”

You can read the full article here.


The publicist, Heathcliff Berru, resigned from the company that he’d created, and in a public letter seemed to lay the blame for his actions on drugs and alcohol. The company claims that it has a ‘No Tolerance’ policy for abusive behaviour.

We’d like to note that drugs and alcohol are not the root cause of sexual assault, and though they may factor in, anyone who assaults another person needs to be able to take personal responsibility for their actions.

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