Festival Report Card 2016We need your help!

Just like we did in 2016, we’re collecting data on festivals to find out how many women-identifying and non-gender-binary people are being presented at festivals and concert series across Canada.  

What we need from you is to choose a festival that doesn’t appear on the list below and give us a link to their lineup online and a count of the number of women-fronted, men-fronted, and non-gender-binary-fronted people are included.

It can be a festival that you work on, and are proud of; it can be a festival that’s caught your eye because they’re doing such a good or bad job of booking non-men.  It can be a whole bunch of festivals; you can add as many as you like to the count.

It’s completely anonymous.

It only takes a few minutes, and it helps give us a picture of how well-represented women and non-binary folks are represented in Canada.

Are you ready to add a festival to The Big Count? You can find our simple, sort-of-bilingual form here.

We’ve got festivals from the following provinces:

BC, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Saskatchewan, and The Yukon.

We’re always happy to have more from any province, but we’d like to make sure we’re including festivals and concert series from across the country.  Please search out and add festivals where you can!


So far (July 12, 2017), volunteers have given us the count for:

Area 506 Festival

Atlin Arts & Music Festival

Bach Music Festival Of Canada

Back Lot Bash – Garrison Brewing

Cavendish Beach Festival

Dawson City Music Festival

DT Concert Series

Folk On The Rocks

Fork and Cork Windsor

Groundswell Music Festival – Halifax

Halifax Pop Explosion

Halifax TD Jazz Festival

In The Dead Of Winter Festival

Kempt Shore Acoustic Festival

Live From The Rock Folk and Blues Festival

Living Roots Festival

Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival

Mariposa Folk Festival

New Glasgow Jubliee

Nova Scotia Music Week

Ottawa Explosion Weekend

Ottawa Grassroots Festival

Ottawa RBC Bluesfest

Paddlefest 2017

Pelee Island Festival

Peterborough Music Fest

Roncy Rocks


Shivering Songs

Skeleton Park Arts Festival

Stan Rogers Festival

Stewart Park Festival

Tay Creek Festival

The Blacktop Ball (2016)

The Black Top Ball (2017)

The New Brunswick Harvest Jazz & Blues festival

Tottenham Bluegrass Festival

Up Here Festival

Veld Festival

Venus Festival

Thank you so much to everyone who’s participated so far – you’re helping us to make a difference in the Canadian Music Industry.

And it really does make a difference – over the past four years, we’ve seen festivals across Canada and around the world increase the number of women on their stages in response to criticism.  We believe that both criticism and increased attention to this issue can make a huge difference, because we’ve seen it happen.  By adding a festival to The Big Count, you’re helping us to raise awareness and make change in the Canadian Music Industry and beyond. Thank you again!

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