Photo by Women Working in Music is a research, advocacy, education, and support organization dedicated to supporting women-identifying people in the music industry, including Indigenous and racialized women.

We present workshops, speak at conferences, facilitate conversations, and research topics to present useful information about the status of women in the music industry.

Membership is free, projects are collaborative, and everyone is encouraged to start now and do what they can, when they can.  Found your own local chapter by hosting a get-together; find local ways to tackle the problems faced in your community, or reach out across the provinces to find out what other women and allies are doing to make the music industry work for women.

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Canadian Women Working in Music began in the Autumn of 2014, when about 50 women and allies gathered at the Folk Music Ontario conference for a long-overdue conversation about challenges, issues, and ideas.

Out of that conversation and ensuing discussions online and in person, a loose group emerged of women and allies from across Canada who are interested in supporting and promoting each other, engaging the music industry in conversations about women in music, and working together to make the music industry a better place for women and their allies.

What we are, how we’ll be organized, is still emerging – at the moment, we’re a big ball of energy and ideas just beginning to coalesce into whatever it is we’ll be in a year, in ten, in fifty.  And we’re volunteers, so please have patience, because we’ve all got our own careers to look after, too.


Photo by we’re going about this all wrong, or we’re not representing you/your region/your issues? Please contact us with your criticisms, ideas, and thoughts, and/or start a group of your own to address the particular issues that you face.  We’ve got good intentions, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

And thank you – thank you for being here, for your energy and interest and willingness to work and to challenge – together and individually, we have the power to make the world a better place.


To support woman-identified people, including racialized and Indigenous women,  across the music industry in achieving personal and professional success, and to connect allies in Canada.

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To support, promote, and encourage Canadian women in music.

To create networking, mentoring, and learning opportunities for women in the music industry.

To recognize and respond to the particular issues facing racialized and Indigenous women in the music industry.

To provide feedback, commentary, and criticism of the music industry at large and in Canada in particular.

To increase opportunities for women in the music industry.

To establish achievable, participatory goals and engage women and allies in working for positive change.

To gather data on the position of women in the music industry, and to assemble and disseminate that information.

To celebrate women’s contributions and achievements in the music industry in Canada, both in history and in the present day.