Festival Report CardETA: In addition to this list, please check out all of the wonderful artists who’ve been added in the comments below! 

ETA2: Because this is awesome, we’re creating an accessible database for Trans folks, Non-Gender-Binary folks, and Women to add themselves and/or their bands so that bookers can find them.  You can fill out the form here; we’ll be launching it formally in Autumn 2018.

Every time I bring up the idea of gender parity at festivals, some bright spark says ‘but there aren’t enough women performing music these days!!’ or ‘I don’t know where to look!’ or ‘I tried. but they were allllll busy!’

To save your selves from looking stupid in front of your colleagues in the music industry, here’s a short list of some women and gender non-conforming Canadian artists that you should be paying to play your festivals.

Festival Report Card(We know that the larger agencies in Canada are basically useless with regards to women artists; they rep a handful, but generally don’t pay much attention to what women are doing in the music industry until they’re forced to. Bookers need to look beyond the artists that a major agency can suggest until these agencies decide to join us in the 21st century.)

Sometimes festivals with a very low percentage of women in their lineups tell us they’re trying to book more women; we’re here to tell them to try harder.

Artists, we’ve of course missed hundreds if not thousands of women – please chime in with a link to your work in the comments below!

alvvays, Land of TalkSnowblink, Winona Wilde, Digging Roots, Eekwol, Anh Phung, Renders, Evangeline Gentle,  Shakura S’Aida

Maylee Todd, Purity ring, Rose Cousins, Emily BurgessZaki Ibrahim, Dirty Dishes,  Suzie VinnickLeela Gilday, Inez Jasper

Charlotte Day-Wilson, Sarah Harmer, Stars, Lowell, Dani Nash, Fefe Dobson, Ventanas, Dana SiposSusan Aglugark 

Kathleen Edwards, Allison BrownWeaves, The Beaches, SC Mira, kd langFlavia NasciamentoLConIsKwé, Kinnie Starr

Julien Baker, Case/Lang/Viers, Beyries, Gathering SparksReparteeFiverElisapie Issaac, Leanne Goose

Bernice, Haviah Mighty, Blunt Chunks, Michie MeeYoung Galaxy, The Jerry CansJoyful JoyfulTara Williamson

Lido Pimienta, Duchess Says, Kristine SchmittThe LuyasCrystal ShawandaRae Spoon,  Tracy Bone

Michelle McAdorey, Camille Delean, Julie Doiron, Ali Fontaine, Moscow Apartment, Korea Town Acid

Witch Prophet, Lindsay Beaver and the 24th Street Wailers, July Talk, Connie CaldorCommon Deer, Aerialists, Christa Couture

Kaia Kater, Irish Mythen, Tasha the Amazon, Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, Sarah Jane Scouten, Amelia Curran, Cris Derkson


We’re also going to refer you to Witch Prophet for a great list of that she tweeted out and which was posted in NOW Magazine as ‘Witch Prophet lists 30 women leading the Toronto rap game.’


ARTISTS: If we’ve mis-gendered you, please let us know and we’ll correct it immediately.

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137 Responses to A short list of women and gender non-conforming Canadian artists

  1. gilliannicola.com

  2. Corey Gulkin says:

    Also here’s a massive list of women/gnc folks making music in Quebec that is growing daily! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14wdr9N4dBQxO6SCphY6NaMCGX4VBL4d_ln-ftiEhTt8/edit#gid=0

  3. http://www.rainehamilton.com Acoustic chamber folk with an otherworldly edge. That’s us!

  4. Bonar says:

    Skye Wallace
    Linda McRae
    Coco Love Alcorn
    Carolyn Marks
    Lola Parks
    Mazy Mason (formerly Janet Panic)
    Melissa Bandura
    Cora Lajoie (Cora Flora)
    Ria Mae
    Jane Siberry
    Billy Pettinger

  5. Jennifer Johnston says:

    Oh Susanna
    Erin Costelo
    Lori Cullen
    Kelly Prescott
    Kellylee Evans
    Shari Ulrich
    Shawna Caspi
    Andrea England
    Annie Lou
    April Verch
    Anne Vriend
    Andrea Ramolo

  6. SATE, tanika Charles, Dione Taylor, Kristen violet may, Kayla Howran, Whitney rose, strangers on a plane, the savilles

  7. Sally Lee says:

    More re: Long Branch


    The band brings together a number of music vets, including Lisa Myers and Laura Pitkanen of Adaptor 45, D’Arcy Good of the Good Family, Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, and Sally Lee of Venus Cures All (and Myers’ all-girl punk group Chicken Milk).


    Queer, Indigenous, Asian

  8. Greyson says:

    Ansley Simpson

  9. Matthew Karaś says:

    Most Loyal
    Ace of Wands
    Lunar Bloom
    Chelsea McBride
    Sarah McInnis
    Annie Bonsignore
    Mirian Kay
    Sarah Neufeld
    Ghost Caravan
    Calla Kinglit
    Colleen Dauncey
    Crooked House Road

  10. Andrea Ramolo, Sate, Kristin Sweetland, Jadea Kelly, Cindy Doire, Melanie Brulee, Sarah Burton, Skye Wallace, This Way North, Miss Quincy, Whitney Rose, Megan Bonnel, Dahmnait Doyle..,I could probably list over 100 personal female friends that don’t get represented nearly enough. Why is this still an issue?!!!

  11. Lily Sazz says:

    Cootes Paradise (gender balanced band)

  12. Charles H. says:

    Sparklesaurus, Thanya Iyer, Common Holly, Ada Lea, Malak, Alanna Sterling, Nyssa, Petra Glynt, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind, Trails, Lux, And The Kids (keyboardist is Canadian), Valois, Brave Shores, TV Rd., Lola Sixx, GGPeach, Doxx, Partner, Bambi Lou, The Peptides, Bella Cat, Taxi, Shirazi, Danielle Allard, Muzzy Legault, Scary Bear Soundtrack, Lucila Al Mar, Amanda Lowe, Novusolis

  13. You can add me to the list:

    Also from Kingston, Jenica Rayne:

  14. Brighid Fry says:

    The Good Lovelies, Treasa Levasseur, The Lifers, Jordan Alexander, Georgia Harmer, Lavender Bruisers, Deanna Petcoff, Madison Galloway, Bella Larsen, Charmie Deller, Mo Kenny, Hex. (Thank you for including us on the list. We are so amazed by the huge number of amazing women and gender non conforming musicians).

  15. In Contemporary World – Roots music:

    1. RAKKATAK – Anita Kattakar & Oriana Barbato

    2. Melissa Laveaux

    3. Autorickshaw

    4. Ventanas

    5. Eliana Cuevas

    6. Kiran Ahluwalia

    7. ROAM

    8. Ventanas

  16. Tannis says:

    Tannis Slimmon (http://www.tannis.ca)
    Annie Sumi
    Katherine Wheatley
    Laura Bird
    Amber McLean
    Jude Vadala
    Sue Smith
    Shannon Kingsbury
    Tricia Brubacher
    Boreal (www.borealsongs.ca)
    The Ondine Chorus
    Gwen Swick

  17. Nadine says:

    Lorraine Klaasen
    Ruth Mathiang
    Memory Makuri
    Liziwe Mahashe
    Mimi Zenebe
    Tiruedel Zenebe
    Netsanet Melesse
    Tonya P
    Jane Bunnett
    Anne Lederman
    Shelley Coopersmith
    Doreen Forrester

  18. Bob LeDrew says:

    Eve Goldberg
    Cecile Doo-Kingué
    Anne Janelle
    Bella Cat
    Jill Zmud
    Melissa McClelland
    Amanda Rheaume
    Leaf Rapids / Keri Latimer
    Emm Gryner
    Karen Kosowski
    Donna Grantis
    Ruth B
    Angelique Francis

  19. My project Bird City – http://facebook.com/jennybirdcity

    And we’ve got tons more here in Guelph including
    Nicolette & The Nobodies
    Steph Yates/Esther Grey
    Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State
    Bonnie Trash
    Jessy Bell Smith
    Eiyn Sof (based out of Waterloo)

    I would say “Joyful Joyful” and Rae Spoon would fall under “gender non-conforming” but they are two of my very favourites and absolutely should be included in this list in terms of non-dudes being featured, so thank you for that :)

    Are “So Young” or “Jennifer Castle” or “Kim Barlow” on this list? I might have missed them, but they should be on here.

    I can probably think of dozens more.

  20. Tracy Lynn says:

    I’m always looking for gigs in Canada.

  21. Tracy Lynn says:


  22. Laura Spink says:

    The Young Novelists

    So many amazing artists in this thread!

  23. Emily Burgess says:

    So many great names mentioned above- might be repeating here but Sue Foley, Terra Lightfoot, Jadea Kelly, Sweet Alibi, Suzie Vinnick, Rita Chiarelli, Samantha Martin, Kim Doolittle, Jenie Thai, Melissa Payne, Kayla Howran, Hillary Dumoulin, Kirsten Addis, Lindsay Barr, Sarah Falzackerly, Anna Ruddick, Amanda Resume, Romi Mayes, Brooke Wylie, Theresa Malenfant, Shirley Jackson, Sol James, the whole Women’s Blues Revue band and any musician ever involved with it. Ahhhh I could write all day and missed so many.

  24. Madeleine Roger (www.madeleineroger.com)

    Some others that I don’t think I’ve seen in the list yet:
    – Carly Dow
    – Cara Luft
    – The Small Glories
    – Tragedy Ann
    – The Lifers
    – The Wailin Jennys
    – The O’ Pears
    – Jenny Ritter
    – Kayla Luky
    – Ruth Moody

  25. More for the list…

    Julie Corrigan
    Britt Meierhofer
    Jennifer Holub
    Catriona Sturton

  26. Stephanie says:

    Rhythm and Cello

  27. Qristina Brooke – http://www.qristinabrooke.com

    Born on Canada’s West Coast, with its signature embrace of experimentation and improvisation, fiddler & singer Qristina Brooke (aka Qristina Bachand) was always encouraged to find her own ‘voice’. She grew up exploring various musical traditions; all of which inevitably influenced her distinctive sound. She plays a mix of inspired original compositions and traditional Irish, Old-Time American and French Canadian tunes; creating music that is at once moving and uplifting. Simply put: Qristina’s music is heartfelt and soulful and may just tug at your heartstrings.

    As one-half of the award-winning Canadian Celtic Roots duo ‘Qristina & Quinn Bachand’, Qristina has performed across Canada, the US and Europe at major folk and Celtic festivals. The duo has garnered a mantle-packing collection of awards and recognition including Top Traditional Group and Top Duo at the Irish Music Awards

    Known for her expressive fiddling and smooth, heartfelt vocals, Qristina is a charismatic performer clearly at ease on the stage. Her fiddle skills shine with beautiful tone and passionate delivery and her honey sweet vocals caress the soul. Her contagious energy and love of Folk and Celtic music is always at the forefront as she captivates her audiences with moving, intimate performances. While still mindful of its origins, Qristina has the ability to add elements that bring traditional music beyond its roots and into the 21st century.

    Originally from Victoria, BC, Qristina was living in Limerick, Ireland, for the past two years while she earned her MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance, but has since relocated to Montreal, QC. She has recently launched her solo fiddle project, her debut album, Linger, released April 2018.

  28. Laura Dickens says:

    Leucrocuta : https://leucrocuta.bandcamp.com/releases
    experimental synth pop

  29. John Marcellus says:

    Fast Romantics (Kirty, Lisa Lorenz), Raven Shields, Jessica Mitchell, Lindi Ortega, Frigs (Bria Salmena), Madison Violet, Twin Kennedy, Averages (Taylor Holden), Trish Robb, Trent Severn, Alejandro Rivera

  30. Isabel Fryszberg- Isabel and The Uncommons http://www.isabel-music.com/
    Collette Savard
    Rebecca Campbell
    Lenka Lichtenberg

  31. Jen Ochej says:

    Kim Harris
    Hello Delaware
    Port Cities
    Fortunate Ones
    The Dears
    Gabrielle Papillon
    Hannah Georgas
    Emily Haines
    Rosie & The Riveters
    Sarah Slean
    Tegan and Sara

  32. Emily says:

    Too attached!
    And Rayannah!

  33. Shakura S’Aids
    Jenie Thai
    Saraah Jane Scouten
    Cat and the Queen
    Sylvia Tyson
    Charlotte Cornfield
    Ariana Gillis

  34. Vic Bell says:

    In the lineups below are quite a few women who were not on your list.

    Here’s our headliners for next season at Calgary’s Nickelodeon Music Club:

    Sept 29 Trent Severn (3 women)
    Oct 27 Laura Love
    Nov 10 Lennie Gallant
    Nov 24 Laila Biali (tbc)
    Jan 12 Dan Bern
    Jan 26 The Young Novelists (lead singer Laura Spink)
    Feb 9 John Reischman and the Jaybirds (lead singer Trisha Gagnon)
    Feb 23 Gunning and Cormier
    Mar 9 Coco Love Alcorn
    Mar 23 Carlos del Junco
    Apr 6 Madison Violet (2 women)

    Our 17-18 season that is just wrapping up:

    Sept 30 Lynn Miles
    Milkwood Dreamers (lead singer Marti Smith)
    Oct 14 Connie Kaldor
    The Eisenhauers (lead singer Sheree Plett Eisenhauer)
    Oct 28 Union Duke
    Magnolia Buckskin (4 women)
    Nov 11 Adrian Nation
    Lynne Hanson
    Nov 25 Lizzy Hoyt
    Tim Isberg
    Jan 13 Danny Michel
    Erin Kay
    Jan 27 Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
    Daniel Champagne
    Feb 10 Irish Mythen
    Cori Brewster
    Feb 24 Valdy
    Carter Felker
    Mar 10 Sultans of String
    Benjamin Dakota Rogers
    Mar 24 Qristina and Quinn Bachand
    Amelie Patterson
    Apr 7 Jack Semple
    Maddie Storvold

    cheers, Vic

    Vic Bell
    Artistic Director
    Nickelodeon Music Club

  35. Moscow Apartment
    Whitehorse (gender balanced)
    The Jerry Cans (gender balanced)
    Claire Coupland
    Young Novelists (gender balanced)
    Blue Moon Marquee (gender balanced)
    Angie Gunn
    Michie Mee
    Susan Aglukark
    Miranda Mulholland
    Belle Starr (Miranda, Kendel Carson, Srphanie Cadman)
    Roxanne Potvin
    Sweet Alibi
    Sersena Ryder

  36. Maya Killtron, Leah Canali, La-Na Gabriel, HotKid, Lauren Falls, Citizen Jane, Me & Her Cellos, Brielle Goheen (Polaris nominee) Les Petit Nouveau

  37. Brenna MacCrimmon
    Maryem Tollar
    Al Qahwa Ensemble
    Naghmeh Farahmand
    Kathryn Rose
    Andrea Koziol
    Leah Salomaa
    Roula Said
    Jayne Brown
    Sophia Grigoriadis
    Tiffany Ayalik
    Kiran Ahluwalia
    Yvette Tollar

  38. Gillian Nicola (Hamilton)
    Brooklyn Doran (Toronto)
    Caren (Toronto)
    Piper Hayes (Hamilton)
    Katherine Fischer (London)
    Lydia Persaud (Toronto)
    The O’Pears (Toronto)
    Lunar Bloom (Toronto)
    Oh Lea (Moncton)
    Brittany McQuinn (Fredericton)
    Reilly Scott (Kenora)
    Lindsay Thomson (Ottawa)
    Sparklesaurus (Ottawa)
    Merival (Toronto)
    Abigail Lapell (Toronto)
    Hello Delaware (Halifax)
    Ghost Caravan (Toronto)
    Jessica Speziale (Toronto)

  39. Patricia Silver says:

    The Willows, The O’Pears, Girl Pow-r, Bllisk, Suba Sankaran

  40. Colin Puffer says:

    Jennifer Castle
    The Weather Station
    Christine Bougie
    Felicity Williams
    Ronley Teper
    Lina Allemano
    Isla Craig
    Rebecca Hennesey
    Vivienne Wilder
    Laura Barrett
    Emily Mover
    Lucie Idlout
    Christine Duncan
    Nancy Dutra

  41. Civil Wray
    The Jessica Stuart Few
    Lily Frost
    Melanie Peterson
    Joy Thompson

  42. Corby says:

    Ronley Teper, Iman and the Wasted Lalas, Kristi Lane Sinclair, Tamara Williamson, SATE, Sarah Kirkpatrick of CATL, Zeynip Ozbilen, Ozgo Ozman of Minor Empire, Les Poules a Colin, Raha Javanfar, Ruth Mathiang, Aviva Chernick, Eliana Cuevas, Aline Morales, Sabrina Soares, Joni Nehrita Rodney, Ndidi Onakwuly

  43. Thank you for this!!

    Fluffy Little Cowboys


  44. Pj Bell says:

    Angel Forrest, Jadea Kelly, Kirsten Jones, Carole Pope, Irene Torres, Lori Yates, ..so many excellent artists have been already mentioned the list goes on and on I’d love to just rename everyone …seriously get and listen to these women Emily Burgess, Lindsay Beaver, Laila Biali, Suzie Vinnick, Arianna Gillis!!!! Beautiful.

  45. Veronica says:

    Veronica Johnny (solo) and The Johnnys (lead singer/cofounder)

  46. Aviva Chernick
    Maryem Tollar
    Brenna Macrimmon
    Yvette Tollar
    Sienna Dahlen
    Felicity Williams
    Tova Kardonne
    Soozi Schlanger
    Kinneret Sagee
    Lenka Lichtenberg
    Jessica Stuart
    Shannon Butcher
    Rita di Ghent
    Molly Johnson
    I could go on…

  47. Amanda Martinez
    Eliana Cuevas
    Lisa Patterson
    Kiran Ahluwalia
    Suba Sankaran

  48. Some additions I haven’t seen in the comments already:

    Alyssa Wright (shameless self-promotion)
    Karla Adolphe
    Heather Dale
    Ember Swift
    Laura Smith
    Sarah MacDougall
    Allison Lupton
    Ashley Condon

  49. Joe Rancourt says:

    Dear Rouge, Mother Mother, Begonia, Shred Kelly, Hey Ocean… Just to add a few!

  50. brooke says:

    LOOM: loommusic.bandcamp.com

  51. GG says:

    girlongirl (Toronto, ON) Alternative, Melodic Rock

  52. Matti Palonen says:

    Polky Village Band

  53. Erin Ford says:

    Original light rocker based in Toronto, Canada

  54. Emma Cook says:

    Emma Cook http://www.emmacookmusic.com
    Chloe Albert
    Lydia Persaud
    Abigail Lapel
    Megan Nash

  55. Anne-Marie Williot, Chez Willi, Trois Chats (all in Winnipeg)

  56. Rachel Beck says:

    Alana Yorke
    Christina Martin
    Jenn Grant
    Colleen Brown
    The Weather Station
    Catherine MacLellan
    Like A Motorcycle
    Gabrielle Papillon
    The Lifers
    Meaghan Blanchard
    Ashley Condon
    Ria Mae
    Jully Black
    Coco Love Alcorn
    Alysha Brilla
    Hannah Georgas
    Kim Harris
    (And me! Rachel Beck)

  57. Kate Gracey-Stewart says:

    Heather Rankin
    Rosie & the Riviters
    Maggie & Cassie
    Sarah Hagen
    Amelia Curran
    Cynthia MacLeod
    Amanda Rheaume

  58. Mishal says:


    Her Kitab

  59. Russel Louder (gender neutral)

  60. David Flack says:

    Check out the lineup for our Earth Day Festival in St. Catharines Sunday April 22.
    10 – Sandra Kroeker
    10:45 – Katey Gatta
    12:15 – Frances Locs
    12:45 – Raphael Keelan
    1:15 – Paradigm Shifters
    2:00 – Melanie Peterson

  61. Tara Holloway
    Mel Monaco
    Lovecoast (Female Fronted)
    Syren and The Waves
    Shylo Sharity
    Sammi Morelli
    Natasha Alexandra – NLX
    Emily Chambers
    She Hangs Brightly (female Fronted)
    Sophia Danai

  62. Kim June Johnson (kimjunejohnson.com)
    PK Tessmann (pktessmann.ca)
    Melissa Bandura
    Genevieve Rainey

  63. Fawn Fritzen says:

    Fawn Fritzen


    Blues, jazz, and gospel in four languages from the Yukon. :)

  64. Fawn Fritzen says:

    Fawn Fritzen


    Blues, jazz, and gospel in four languages from the Yukon. ;)

  65. anonymous says:

    Sarah Smith
    Mimi O’Bonsawin

  66. Morgan says:


    Heavy Metal Grunge with gritty, powerhouse vocals coming from a the lungs of a little lady: more badass than any dude

  67. kele fleming says:

    all from Vancouver:
    kele fleming
    Sarah Wheeler
    Silent Martin
    Lara Kroeker
    blue dirt girl
    Lisa Butel and Brent Cross

  68. Tom says:

    Katie Stelmanis

  69. This is a mindblowing list! Bandwagon time:

    I have a folk/pop solo project under Colleen Brown http://www.colleenbrownmusic.com/listen

    And a pop/rock band called Major Love http://www.majorloveband.com

    Other faves from western Canada:
    Faith Healer
    Amy van Keeken
    Kimberley MacGregor
    Bad Buddy
    Eva Foote
    Billie Zizi
    Cayley Thomas
    Le Plaisir

  70. LINDSAY MISINER – A Nova Scotian Musician currently living in Niaraga Region – http://www.lindsaymisiner.com

  71. Les Poules à Colin (4 out of 5 are female), Kim Beggs solo singer songwriter, and possibly with band mates, (both already submitted in folk), and Christine and Ingrid Jensen (jazz – latest band now coming up with Helen Sung from USA – 3 of 5), Marianne Trudel (jazz), Wesli band (2 women out of 7 in all),
    Zigue (1 of each), Anna et Jane McGarrigle Racontent: Entre la Jeunesse et la sagesse (3 of 3), Jeanne Rochette (in duo, 1 of each); Joel Miller with Sienna Dahlen (varies); Annabelle Chvostek, Bill Garrett and Sue Lothrop, Bobby Dove and more

    Next: finding sound engineers, recording engineers, record producers, videographers, video and film producers, and Festival ADs and producers who are women

  72. I performed over 150 paid shows in 2017 and it will be similar this year.

  73. Ila Barker says:

    Ila Barker
    Jade Turner
    Hera Nalam
    Ashley Robertson
    Leela Gilday
    Rhonda Head

  74. Emma Cloney says:

    Emma Cloney
    The New Customs
    Full time touring duo based in a Winnipeg Mb, Indie Folk at its finest.
    Over 200 paid shows per year.

  75. Lizzy Hoyt says:

    Lizzy Hoyt Celtic-Folk songstress!

  76. Wangled Teb

    Thank y’all for putting this together <3

  77. Shari Campbell says:

    Gathering Sparks (Eve Goldberg & Jane Lewis), Teresa Doyle, October Brown, Caitlin Hanford, Jenny Whiteley, Chris MacLean, Linda Morrison, Anne Lindsay

  78. Renee says:

    Renee Lamoureux

  79. Tomato/Tomato – a genre bending power-duo performing alt-country/folk/roots featuring jaw dropping multitasking.

  80. Andrea says:

    Please add FOONYAP (identifies as femme non-binary), website for link: http://www.foonyap.com

  81. Vivianne Roy says:

    Laura Sauvage – One femme leading three guys. Power-slacker rock.


  82. Beverly Kreller says:

    HOTCHA! w/ Beverly Kreller (And Howard Druckman) HOTCHA.ca
    Desirée Dawson
    Tia Brazda
    The Willows
    Dirty Dishes
    Chloe Watkinson
    Kinnie Starr
    Kim Doolittle
    Nancy Dutra
    Michelle Rumball
    Sue Peters
    Ashley Condon
    Ann Vriend
    Daniela Nardi

  83. Michelle Thibodeau
    Kristy Hagerman
    Lora Ryan
    Emily Schultz
    Julia Gartha

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